Bring Transformational Order to Your Wealth Management Practice

A Step-byStep System to Streamline Your Team’s Workflow, Expand Your Collective Capacity, and Achieve Breakthrough Results

Do you struggle with:

Limited capacity and scalability?

Disorganized workflows impacting efficiency?

A lack of clear roles and fragmented communication?

Imagine if you could...

Overall Course Description:

This comprehensive course equips you and your team to take your practice to the next level. To begin, you’ll learn how to lay a solid foundation of shared purpose, vision and mission.

You’ll then be empowered to establish a professional organizational structure, streamline your workflow, and clearly define roles and responsibilities across your team.

Along the way, you’ll learn how to establish KPIs and institute accountability, so you can gain statistical clarity on the strengths and weaknesses of your process.

By the end of the course, you’ll have transformed your team into a cohesive growth engine, powering your practice toward your strategic goals.

Three Enrollment Options,

All with Live Coaching:

The Team Performance Program + 1 Coaching Call:

Gain in-depth knowledge with video modules, downloadable worksheets, and expert guidance from a certified Kelley Group Coach in one personalized coaching call.


The Team Performance Program + 2 Coaching Calls:

Boost your team-building journey with two personalized coaching calls. Take a deep dive into the roles and skills needed to become a robust and high-functioning team.


The Team Performance Program + 3 Coaching Calls:

Dramatically accelerate your implementation process with expert guidance from a certified Kelley Group Coach in 3 highly-personalized coaching calls that address your specific team challenges.


All options include:

  • Live coaching with a Kelley Group Certified Coach (number of calls varies by option)
  • Strategic & tactical video content
  • Downloadable worksheets