A Step-by-Step System to Master the Ask, Streamline Your Referral Generation Process, and Sustainably Grow Your Practice Through Client Advocacy




Do you struggle with confidently asking for referrals?

Are you resorting to ineffective cold outreach?

Wish your current clients were actively recommending you?

We’ll not only teach you how to masterfully ask for referrals with confidence and grace, we’ll equip you with a systematic process so that qualified referrals become a reliable source of new business for your practice. Stop chasing generic leads and start growing your practice through genuine client advocacy.

Overall Course Description:

This comprehensive course will empower you to transform your client base into a business development machine. Following a step-by-step process, you’ll first learn how to identify who among your clients are most likely to become enthusiastic advocates. You’ll then master the art of the ask, so you can deliver it gracefully and with confidence; ensuring the conversation not only preserves the relationship, but fosters even greater trust and loyalty.

After mastering the ask, we’ll turn to systematizing your referral generation process for maximum efficiency and business impact. You will begin successfully connecting with qualified referrals on a routine basis, spending your time and energy on prospects that are highly aligned with your ideal client profile. By the end of the course, you’ll have installed a sustainable growth engine into your practice: turning satisfied clients into your biggest champions.

You will learn how to:

Initiate the Referral Request (Modules 1-4)

· Determine who are the right clients to ask.
· Gracefully initiate referral requests by mastering the language and delivery of the ask.
· Implement techniques to ensure the referrals you’re attracting align with your ideal client profile.
· Successfully communicate your value proposition to existing clients and empower them to convey it accurately to potential referrals.

Manage the Referral Generation Process (Modules 5-7)

· Establish structured processes for documenting and following up on referral conversations.
· Explore advanced tactics beyond the basic ask to enhance referral conversion rates.
· Make effective introductory phone calls to warm leads that quickly establish rapport and pique interest.

Safeguard the Client Relationship (Modules 8-11)

· Progressively deepen client involvement in the referral generation process without overburdening your relationships.
· Differentiate questions from objections and skillfully uncover the concerns underlying certain client inquiries.
· Conquer the irrational fear of objections and address them without any diminishment of the client relationship.
· Recognize when it’s necessary to disengage from a referral request and gracefully exit the conversation while preserving goodwill.

Honor Your Supportive Clients (Module 12)

· Design and implement a consistent and effective client referral reward system to honor your most supportive clients and incentivize future referrals.

Course Details:

This intensive program offers a 12-week roadmap to unlocking business growth through the power of referrals.

As a participant, you’ll be required to:
Attend a 30-minute call at the beginning of each week.
View a 15-minute video featuring lessons, homework and skills to be practiced.
Attend a 30-minute Q&A call in preparation for a written or oral exam.
Through a powerful combination of instruction, practice, and accountability you will actualize a remarkable transformation in your approach to business development.

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